Electronic Manufacturing Services

ELPACK has a staff of multi-skilled and committed employees who work with latest-generation means of production.
The headcount is broken down as follows:
The company's PCB assembly production department includes:
- 1 automatic assembly team using industrial production systems
- 1 manual assembly team devoted to prototypes and small production runs
- 1 manual assembly team devoted to medium production runs
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ELPACK invests an average of 3.5% of payroll in the training and qualification of its staff.
Knowledge is shared throughout the company, helping to further develop the human resources.
Employee skills are maintained and strengthened through the permanent development of new services and the application of the latest technological innovations.


Technical excellence is just one of the means deployed in the achievement of our primary goal of delivering quality service to our customers.
Achieving this ambition requires our teams to strive permanently for perfection and efficiency.

ELPACK's values are rooted in respect, solidarity and the capacity to call oneself into question.
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