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ELPACK obtained ISO 9001, version 2000 certification in October 2003.

The quality policy seeks to protect the company's reputation for the top quality of technical work carried out on its products.




When the company was created in 1986, it pioneered the application of surface-mount technology (SMT). It was at this time, when SMT components and assembly equipments immature technologies were still a major challenge, that the company forged its technical culture.
This pioneering spirit remains actual : for example ELPACK started the assembly of 0,4 mm pitch flip-chip and micro-BGA packages in early 2006.

Listening to customers is also an important part of ELPACK's quality policy. The sales force always pays close attention to what our customers have to say and company staff remains permanently committed to finding solutions to our customers problems.

The company's quality policy also involves limiting the impact of its activity on the environment.

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